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Miss Val’s Greek Salad

Miss Val’s Greek Salad

I am NOT a cook, chef or foodie, but I do make an amazing Greek salad. Since I’m often asked for my recipe, I thought I’d share. The beauty of this salad is that it’s incredibly DELICIOUS, EASY TO PREPARE, and HEALTHY—and, you can use just some of the vegetables (and feta) or all of them. I make it with whatever of these vegetables I have around the house. The key is in the details.


CucumbersThe small Persian ones. They are much crispier. Keep the peel on! Just wash them and cut them into little nickel-size rounds. I promise the peel is not bitter and it adds extra crispiness and fiber.

TomatoesSmall Cherry tomatoes. They are sturdier than larger tomatoes and I think they have more flavor.

Red Onion – If you REALLY like onion taste cut bigger chunks, if not…. smaller.

FetaCrumbled Feta so the Feta-ness gets tossed in the dressing.

Bell Pepper – Red, Orange or Green – your choice.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – It’s light in flavor and allows the flavor of the vegetables to come through.

Red Wine VinegarNOT Balsamic.

Garlic SaltNOT garlic powder.



Toss and Enjoy ~ To your health!

Miss Val on patio

Note: Best served in a relaxing outdoor area where you can be surrounded by Mother Earth, with a nice glass of wine, fresh french baguette, and some Kalamate olives (those are the kind the restaurants serve in Greek salad… and Kalamata is also where my family is from =)

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Foster Mobley
Foster Mobley
5 years ago

My wife Cathy and I had our first taste of Miss Val’s Greek salad with Miss Val and Bobby Field last night. Yummy. Yet, for some reason the Kalamata olives were absent. Hmmm. Could that have had anything to do with Cathy and Bobby?

Lorraine Kramer
Lorraine Kramer
5 years ago

So happy you shared this recipe …. my family LOVED it last night! Just perfect for our summer evenings, xo!!

Kathy Elbasani
Kathy Elbasani
5 years ago

Bulgarian Feta is the best. Nice and tart, yet creamy. You didn’t list the Kalamata olives! It can’t be Greek salad without the Kalamatas. Where do you get the Persian cucumbers? I didn’t know about them. I will check Berkeley Bowl or a Halal market. BTW, next time you are in Berkeley, I will have to show you Berkeley Bowl. It is vegetarian heaven.

I look forward to trying this salad. I think I will throw in a touch of dill. ?

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