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Lighting Your Yellow Brick Road

Lighting Your Yellow Brick Road

Eight days into the New Year, how are things going with your Resolutions? Last week I mentioned how I’m Acting As If because it is a more actionable path. As I have embraced my journey to Act As If I am a “quasi-health nut,” the trail ahead has begun to light up. I feel a bit like Dorothy skipping along the yellow brick road… not sure what obstacles might be ahead, but knowing progress is realized so long as I keep skipping. I haven’t seen any flying monkeys yet, but I have learned a few things I would like to share:

1. It’s imperative to keep a crystal clear picture of who I want to be. With 20/20 vision, every action is instantly calculated as to whether I am closer or further away from the person I want to actualize. As an extremely visual person and learner, I keep items that inspire me out all over the place…. (you guessed it, I’m not the most tidy person on the planet). Whether books, pages torn from magazines, art work, photos, or handmade gifts from my grandchildren… if it makes my heart sing I keep it in plain site.

2. Every time I say “no” to something I’m saying “yes” to myself. Moreover, every time I act in a constructive way, I’m saying “no” to a thousand small pitfalls that were waiting to take me off my path. It’s not enough to simply think positively. By its nature, positive thinking doesn’t instill action. Constructive thinking has a better chance of leading to constructive action.

3. Each day I am challenged to throw in the towel. I have found that if I simply stay the course, whatever the temptation is passes and I’m that much more convicted to my intentions. Throughout my journey, on my yellow brick road… Just. Keep. Skipping. Regardless of how small my forward progress is, it’s still progress.

Good intentions never got anyone closer to their goal. Good intentions with a clear course of action can get your energy revved in the right direction, but it still takes simply DOING IT to light up the path to your yellow brick road to success.

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5 years ago

I love that you’re skipping – it’s such a fun way to travel! Will confess that I’ve not added to my gratitude jar over last few days while I’ve been taken out by nasty tooth/gum/mouth infection, but that will be rectified this weekend.

5 years ago

Well, I am still enjoying not having negativity around me! Lol. The best part is that I’m allowing myself to not feel guilty about not being around the negativity (and those delivering it) which is a big step for me.

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