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Honoring Our Inalienables

Honoring Our Inalienables

Inalienable (adj.) Not transferable to another or not capable of being taken away or denied.

We live in a time that seems as if our political climate has produced national conflict as never seen before. However, all we need to do is look through our very short history as a nation to know this is not true. Our nation has maneuvered, argued, fought (and died) through disagreements of what we believe are our inalienable rights, freedoms and liberties.

In Saudi Arabia it is illegal for women to use public swimming pools available to men. In Nigeria it is legal for a man to “discipline” his wife with physical violence. And in the kingdom from which we claimed our independence, it is illegal for female members of parliament to wear shoes other than heels.

I spend a good portion of my day in a constant litany of gratitude for all of those things I enjoy that I didn’t earn and never even asked for. I understand our country is not perfect and I don’t want this to sound corny. Moreover, I’ve mentioned all of this before, but believe it can’t be stated enough:

Thank You to our Founding Fathers and all who came after who have fought for my freedoms. Freedoms I don’t even begin to understand the magnitude of because I’ve never experienced not having them. Freedoms such as being a woman and having the same rights as men. The freedom to choose what I do during the day. The freedom to worship as I choose. The freedom to live my life as I choose as long as I’m not harming another. That seems to be a rather simple equation—so why, as a nation, do we continue to recycle through the dissident warfare of what were designed to be our inalienable rights?

I don’t understand nor do I try to understand politics. The people who delve into the underbellies of politics all appear extremely frustrated, argumentative and at a loss for how to affect substantial change. However, I’m glad they continue to dissect the minutiae of the political climate because… well, someone has to.

For my part, as an upstanding proud American, I pledge to continue to honor and respect my fellow countrymen, to pursue liberties and justices for all, and to continue to give thanks for these inalienable rights and privileges that I was born into. For this I am eternally grateful and humbled knowing full well that a great majority of our world’s population isn’t as fortunate.

Happy Independence Day America!

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2 years ago

“May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what’s right.” ~ Peter Marshall

I have heard countless stories from friends, friend’s parents, and patients, all of whom migrated from other counties where they were not allowed to do what they thought was right. Right and wrong was decided for them. I hope I always remember what a privilege it is to do what I feel is right. And I hope I am always grateful for those who fought and gave their lives so I can do so.

Nancy Laumer Mobus
Nancy Laumer Mobus
2 years ago

Love this Miss Valorie ! Well said ! Happy 4th to you.

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