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8 Days a Week

8 Days a Week

If you could add an extra day to the week, how would you spend it?

I saw this question in the current issue of Real Simple magazine. This is extraordinarily fun to think about! I’d also add, where would you insert the extra day?

My extra day would come between Saturday and Sunday. That way I could still fill up my weekends without having to worry about including “down time.” My extra day would consist of a mind, body and soul rejuvenation day. It would look something like this:

7am – 3pm
No to phone, iPad, or computer. Yes to cardio (Pilates workout, thorough stretching class), healthy lunch by myself with a good book. Some sort of fun dance class. Then massage and mani/pedi (possibly a facial, but I get antsy laying around that long).

4pm – 6pm
After that a nice long walk by the beach and early dinner which includes a crisp salad and lobster. Still no electronics, but add in my husband, Bobby Field. ❤️

At home, bath, jammies and glass of wine.

Turn on my phone for the first time and check out what I need to prepare for the next day.

Shut down, lights out.

Your turn. First, where to insert this extra day? Just thinking about this extra day made me more relaxed. Maybe I don’t need an extra day. Maybe I should just take one of my 7 days I already have and choose to live those hours differently—especially the unplugged part. Hmmmmm… now THAT’s a novel idea. 😎

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Paula T
Paula T

I saw this question in the magazine and loved it – and the answers! I would put my extra day into my weekend and use it to go visit my parents. It’s a windy mountain drive that’s really rough on me, so I don’t go nearly often enough. I love being there and I love seeing them, so if I could have an extra day to recuperate and unwind from that drive, I would definitely go more often!
Your plans for 8th day sound pretty amazing. Sign me up for that, too!


My extra day would also fall between Saturday and Sunday, or Sunday and Monday. It would be a similar day to yours – a time to nap, go for a gentle walk, read a book and be alone to rest and refuel. I do this anyway, but it often comes at the cost of seeing friends or living in a big ol’ mess (because I’m not a tidy as you go person…!). If I don’t do it, I quickly get sick. That way I’d have a day for doing all the tasks like cooking meals for the freezer, doing a… Read more »

Elizabeth Rosendorf
Elizabeth Rosendorf

My extra day would fall between Sunday and Monday, it would be a part of the weekend, and it would be different every weekend depending on what I wanted to do. My extra day would have been so useful this past weekend when I roadtripped from DC to Charleston with friends. We crammed a lot into such a short period of time, especially given the long drive, and it would have been awesome if we could have spent the night in Charleston on Sunday and come back on the extra day. We could have gone back to the beach on… Read more »

A Renee
A Renee

This is a wonderful musing, as usual, and what an interesting question to think about. My day would come between Tuesday and Wednesday, the two days at work we tend to have the most meetings and most number of priority assignments to complete. As a terribly lazy person, I look forward to having downtime at the end of the day, but only feel that this downtime is deserved once I’ve completed all of my work. This laziness makes me work as hard and long as possible so that I can complete everything. On those two days, I wonder where the… Read more »