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The Good In Social Media

The Good In Social Media

The reason I enjoy social media is because of all of the inspiring posts. My phone is filled with screen shots of posts that ignite something positive in me. One hundred percent of the time I think, “Dang it, I wish I would have said that.” People’s innovative and poetic ways of thinking and sharing inspiring things always amazes me.

The latest post that has had the biggest impact on me, and from what I’ve seen, quite a bit of the rest of the world is the raw and heart wrenching post that Keaton Jones’ mom posted. I have to admit, it was so well spoken that I kept rewinding it expecting to see that it had been a set up.

Keaton’s last line is what took my breath away, “But… it will probably get better one day.” He then turns to look out the window as if he’s patiently waiting for that day.

Regardless of all of the negative backlash that Keaton has taken over this… his last sentence is what so many of us are longing for, a real sense of HOPE.

I’ve yet to understand what people get out of being mean. If I don’t like a post I simply swipe it away. Isn’t it our differences that makes the world such an exciting place to live? I find it hard to comprehend that people find it more exciting to ridicule our differences than to offer compassion for our vulnerabilities.

When I think of our world getting “better” some day, I don’t hope that by “better” it means “similar”—unless “similar” means we all become non-judgmental, compassionate, and caring.

My daily goal is to live each new day without regret. Living my choices fully. Not trying to be like anyone else, and definitely not making choices based on “what someone will think.” It’s hard, but worth it. And what I’ve found, when I’m only answering to my inner moral compass… it’s a lot less exhausting.

Here’s to a world where we can embrace our own amazing uniqueness and not feel the need to tear another person down in the hopes of building ourselves up. Here’s to finding ways to challenge each other without ridicule. Here’s to being able to speak our truth and observations without hurting one another. Imagine how innovative and alive our world would be if we all were able to have respectful honest discourse without infusing insults. Now THAT is an exciting realm to feed Hope on.

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