58 Day Challenge

The 58-Day Challenge

I‘m taking a page out of the Life Book of one of our coaches and dear friend, Randy Lane

Ever since I’ve known Randy—which has been a LONG time—he’s always amazed me with his personal challenges and discipline. Every year he will pick a month and choose a challenge. I think his first challenge was giving up bread for a month. Since then he’s given up alcohol, soda, sweets, carbs etc all for a month at a time.

He just turned 50 and set his goal to run 50 miles! He woke up early a couple weekends back and ran 30 miles, took an ice bath and then he ran the final 20—all in one day! I have always marveled at his discipline and commitment to his word.

I have given up things before (like I don’t drink alcohol during competition season), but it’s never been a proclamation of the commitment. It’s always been more of just something I do… without the proclamation I can choose to change my mind at any time.

I got up this Saturday morning and thought, “Dang it, it would have been fun to commit to doing something for the 58 days leading up to my 58th birthday—too bad I didn’t think of this sooner.”

As I was driving to Pilates I started doing the math and dang it… if it’s not exactly 58 days until my 58th birthday! So… here I go.

I am going to do some sort of workout every day for the next 58 days.

There… I said it. I proclaimed it! Aghhhhh the pressure!!!

Already I’m starting to think of all of the excuses I can come up with: What if I get sick? What if I’m not some place I can work out? What if I’m traveling and its just too hard to do something.


I’ve actually had a warm-up period the past few days—Wednesday was circuit training in the park with the amazing Marco Reed, trainer at Get Beyond Fit and friend of a friend. Thursday was Salsa class—again with the amazing Marco. Friday was Springboard Pilates, which I was pathetic at because my legs and calves were fried from Salsa.

Those three days were my warm-up. Today I took a normal Pilates class (legs and calves are still fried), but I pushed through it. Yay me! Here we go………

Day 1: ✔️

Anyone out there care to add your own 58 day challenge with me?

To keep with my proclamation I will update my progress each day on Instagram.

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58 day challenge
Day 1: two one minute planks, picking 15 lbs of fruit, and drank a gallon of water

Any one else care to share their day?

Awesome plan! I actually was starting daily exercise and also started a daily program just the other day to learn how to pray more deeply based on being rooted in a Bible verse a day, but like you said, I announced this to no one, so it would have been easy to quit if I weren’t putting it out here. Although I have to admit, my birthday is also in August, and I turn 39, so it did occur to me that maybe I could just do 39 days? 🙂I’ll try to follow everyone’s example and be all in for… Read more »
Sarah Spanos

Sounds great Miss Val,(Nouna)! I am going to join the 58 day challenge.

Elizabeth Rosendorf
Go Miss Val!!! You can do it. I’ll join you on the 58 day challenge but some days my workouts will just be some sit-ups, planks, and other resistance training I can do on my own for 10-15 minutes. I love days when I can devote a full one to two hours to yoga/dance but it’s really only possible to do that two or three times per week. It’s realistic to do something small on the days when I can’t do a big group class though, and I’ve heard those smaller workouts add up. This will be great for my… Read more »
Mary Lee

Turning 58 too!! I’m #allin

Sarah Patterson

You go Val!!! You got this!


A week ago my mentor gave me a three page list of books to read. I will record a quote per day in my “Things to Keep in Mind” journal (and try to live by them) for the next 58 days. I would say a book a day, but I want to take the time to thoroughly absorb the material and such an accomplishment would be improbable without giving up work and sleep.

Day 1: While we do control our choice of action, we cannot control the consequences of our choices. –First Things First– Stephen Covey


I’m in. Let’s do this!

Love this 58 day challenge. It’s a good way to try different types of fitness too! One of my goals this year was to try new ways to exercise outside of my usual dance classes and strength training at Hipline in Oakland. I tried Capoeira the other day. Really want to try Barre and Orange theory next (a little behind schedule because of my ankle surgery). Love new goals. I tend to sort of lose track and fall off the wagon after a few weeks so I need a better system tracking and staying motivated though. Maybe hanging someone on… Read more »
Lieve Olivera

Commitment plus!
As I already do a physical workout 6/7, ranging from Zumba to Strength workouts, Tennis, Kick Boxing etc…. I am making a commitment to stop eating sweets for 58 days… ouch… that’s a tough one for someone who is a Gold medal winning chocoholic!
But… I am joining the CC ( commitment club) for 58 days! Woohoo!
I can wait… :)….. but I won’t! … I won’t wait….
Thank you, Miss Val!