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Listen | Silent

When was the last time you were more than 10 feet away from your smartphone? Was it within arm’s reach when your head hit the pillow last night? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, fear and separation anxiety from our smartphones is so common researchers have actually given it a name: nomophobia (no-mobile-phone-phobia). I don’t have to be a behavioral scientist to recognize this …

Bruin Sunset - Gratitude

Grateful vs. Gratitude

I was asked to speak about Gratitude the other day along with Carol Bakhos, chair and director of the Center for the Study of Religion program at UCLA and Alex Korb, a neuroscientist, writer and coach on the study of happiness. The discussion that ensued was fascinating. Korb revealed exciting yet not surprising facts about the benefits of gratitude. Korb described how gratitude boosts the …

Wooden Project

Launch: John Wooden Project

I‘m excited to share in the launch of the John Wooden Project, a new set of tools to teach his Pyramid of Success. This project was done in collaboration with the Wooden family and Success magazine. The John Wooden Pyramid of Success Project is a 10-module program that will teach you, through step-by-step lessons, how to become a master in the game of life. To …

Gold Medalists Unplugged

Video: Gold Medalists Unplugged

I was watching the Olympics and wondering what were Jordyn Wieber and Kyla Ross thinking as they cheered on their former teammates and future Bruin? So I drove over to Jordyn’s house and streamed our conversation live. Enjoy! LIVE on #Periscope: Golden Couch Talk with Jordyn and Kyla https://t.co/LMccoI0l6l — Valorie Kondos Field (@OfficialMissVal) August 8, 2016

Valorie Kondos Field

Born to Perform: Miss Val

The following is an excerpt of “Born to Perform” by Anne Palter in UCLA Magazine (reprinted with permission). Photo by Ian Spanier. For the complete article about choreographing our floor routines, click here. Dance is in Valorie Kondos Field’s blood. A former member of the Sacramento Ballet, Capital City Ballet and Washington Ballet, Kondos Field has infused her gymnasts’ floor and beam routines with bold inventiveness, astounding athleticism and breathtaking …