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58-Day Challenge: Day 16

I‘ve successfully completed the first 25% of my 58-Day Challenge. As a reminder, on Saturday, June 24, I was driving to Pilates and thinking about how remarkable it was that one of our coaches and my dear friend Randy Lane recently ran 50 miles on his 50th birthday. “Dang! My 58th birthday is coming up in August,” I thought. “Wouldn’t it have been fun to …

58 Day Challenge

The 58-Day Challenge

I‘m taking a page out of the Life Book of one of our coaches and dear friend, Randy Lane… Ever since I’ve known Randy—which has been a LONG time—he’s always amazed me with his personal challenges and discipline. Every year he will pick a month and choose a challenge. I think his first challenge was giving up bread for a month. Since then he’s given …

Rock Star

Own Your Inner Rock Star

I have choreographed shows for SeaWorld’s summer Cirque-style attractions for 27 years. Each year we hire about 30 performers, a third of which are “newbies;” those who have never performed or had formal gymnastics or acrobat training. I have to admit, I have a blast coaching them up like they’re Olympic athletes. I am relentless with them with EVERYTHING: technique, form, movement quality, musicality, teaching …