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Social Media Frustration

My Smartphone & Social Media Status: It’s Complicated

As many of you know I am now actively posting on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, (I have a Snapchat account, but it’s just too much for me). The deeper I get involved the more complex my relationship with my smartphone and social media becomes. It can be engaging and distracting at the same time. It provides conversations that would otherwise be out of my grasp …

Valorie Kondos Field

Born to Perform: Miss Val

The following is an excerpt of “Born to Perform” by Anne Palter in UCLA Magazine (reprinted with permission). Photo by Ian Spanier. For the complete article about choreographing our floor routines, click here. Dance is in Valorie Kondos Field’s blood. A former member of the Sacramento Ballet, Capital City Ballet and Washington Ballet, Kondos Field has infused her gymnasts’ floor and beam routines with bold inventiveness, astounding athleticism and breathtaking …