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Champions In the Trenches

Champions in the Trenches

In order to have lasting, healthy, success—whether in sport, business or life—you need the enthusiastic loyal support and involvement of those in the trenches with you. For the UCLA gymnastics program that means our coaches, team managers, The Den (our student section), the UCLA Alumni Band, our training staff, our nutritionist, our sports psychologists, and on and on. Every person and what they bring matters …

Miss Val Book Title Reveal

Book Title: What’s in a Name?

I‘m super excited that we’re getting close to the launch of my book! And I’m happy I can finally reveal the cover and title with you. But first, I’d like to share with you how I chose the title. Coming up with the title of my book has been daunting. How do you convey a life’s worth of philosophies, joy, pitfalls, confidence, triumphs, leadership lessons, …

Good enough

Darn Right We’re Good Enough!

I’m always amazed to find things out about my friends that I didn’t previously know. Such as, my dear friend Lieve Olivera is a brilliant writer. While I was visiting Lieve and her husband Hector last weekend we started talking about family, our parents, grandparents, etc. Lieve then shared with me a short story she had written about her father who had died when she …