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Balance v Harmony

Balance vs. Harmony

I have been asked a lot these past few months, “How are you managing to do it all?” An interesting, and at first, daunting question to ponder. “It all” includes all of the responsibilities that go into coaching the UCLA Gymnastics team along with all of the media attention and requests that are a result of being the reigning NCAA Champions, Katelyn Ohashi’s floor routine …

Miss Val with Tanya Service

Miss Val’s Favorite Floor Routines*

I could have retired a long time ago if I received a nickel every time someone asked me what my favorite floor routine was. So when I wrote my first book, “Life is Short, Don’t Wait to Dance” I knew I had to address this topic. In it, I share the routines I believe pushed the artistic envelope and furthered the artistic quality of the …


2019: A Year of New Adventures

A New Year is upon us, and with it comes the choice for renewed optimism and hope for a year of enhanced fulfillment, happiness and JOY.  The first step can often be the hardest: How do you start? Personally, I like to determine and define what fulfillment and happiness mean to me. Halfway through this coming year I will be embarking on a grand new …