Life Tastes Better With Colors On Your Plate.

Miss Val


“Where can I buy your book?” A question I’ve been asked for years. I don’t have a book. However, I’m happy to announce I’m currently working on one. While I believe anything that is truth has been spoken since the dawn of man, I am ready to add my voice and perspective.   My goal with this website is to share simple musings that when applied make …

Life is Short! Don’t wait to Dance!

Miss Val

“30 Ways To Happy” by Caitlin Roberson

I am a voracious reader. Miss Val’s Reads will be a regular feature on this site where I update you on latest books I’m consuming. 30 Ways To Happy: When trying to be perfect stops being fun by Caitlin Roberson I recently met author Caitlin Roberson at a UCLA event we both spoke at in San Francisco. Her presentation was about how she went about de-programming …