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Miss Val’s Morning Hacks for Non-Morning People

This is so exciting… I have had my first Musing request! I was asked to share how I manage to be a morning person for someone who isn’t?

I can definitely speak to this as I am NOT a “morning person.” I don’t wake up feeling refreshed, regardless of how long I’ve slept. I don’t bounce out of bed with vibrancy and energy. And it drives me crazy when my morning-person-husband wants to have a full blown conversation at 6 a.m.!

If that weren’t enough, I forced myself into an earlier day when we switched our gym training at UCLA from the afternoon to 8 a.m. a few years ago. This means we have daily 7 a.m. coaches meetings. So… I needed to figure out how to Act As If I’m a morning person. So let’s start brewing the coffee…

My Morning Person Hacks for Non-Morning People:

I CAN NOT and DO NOT draw the shades to make it super dark in my bedroom. The light is a natural alarm clock, even if I need to wake before dawn, the ambient light works wonders to wake me gradually instead of from a shocking alarm sound.

I place my alarm across the room where I HAVE TO get up to turn it off.
(Side Benefit: If your alarm is also your smartphone it’s probably a health benefit not to have it next to you all night long since they emit small doses of electromagnetic radiation whenever they’re turned. The Center for Disease Control says there’s no proof of harm, while the World Health Organization suggests its “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” Might as well error on the side of caution.)

I make sure to use an alarm tone that is pleasant. I don’t want to encourage my grouchy mood with an annoying alarm sound. And when my alarm tone doesn’t seem so pleasant anymore, I know it’s time to switch it up.

I prepare to wake up before sleeping. The night before I always make sure I’ve prepared everything I need to have a productive day. I know what clothes I’m going to put on and I also meal plan (and prep) when relevant. I also think of at least one simple thing I’m excited to wake up for. It can be anything from the excitement of wearing a new outfit or new makeup to a simple breakfast or an anticipated message I’m looking forward to seeing in my inbox.

I remember when I was dancing and on a very strict diet I allowed myself one piece of bread a day. That piece of bread tasted like cake to me and I couldn’t wait to wake up each morning to have my special treat.

Lastly, I shape my posture and attitude. Once my head clears enough to think straight I purposefully sit up and say, “Yay! I get another day” even if I’m still groggy. Simply saying that mantra gets my synapses firing with gratitude. It’s hard to be grouchy with gratitude. It’s a great way to start every day.

Okay, your turn… please share your morning hacks for our NMC (Non-Morning Club) 😉 And let’s all remember, on those days we can… SLEEP IN! It really is so much fun!

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Another not a morning person here – and I’m now going to find a place for my phone (as usually end up falling asleep with both my iPad and iPhone next to my head…oh dear). One, I have the radio or my portable iPod dock in my bathroom so I can listen to music while in the shower. It helps me get motivated for the day (I also have a song as my alarm on my smartphone – I’m totally with you on the annoying sound thing. It does not help. I’ve also realised that after a while I have… Read more »

I like to wake up to a good song. My smartphone docks on my alarm clock so when my alarm goes off it is music that I have saved on my phone. This morning I woke up to one of the songs from Hamilton. What a great way to start the day! I also am not against hitting the snooze at least once. I can’t just jump out of bed the moment my alarm goes off. I need time for my brain to warm up before I do anything.


Yes! The Schuyler Sisters has been my alarm song for a couple of weeks now.

My alarm has to annoying to get me up because I can sleep through anything. And I hate getting up in the morning, but I actually like mornings. Weird, huh? I love sunrises, morning air, morning sounds, etc. but the actual act of waking up is so very unpleasant and I’ve become pretty dependent on the snooze button. I try to make mornings easier by having my outfit, purse, meal prep, etc done the night before. Coffee & breakfast is done in the car, my playlist depends on my mood & what I want to accomplish that day. And I… Read more »
Elizabeth Rosendorf
I’m actually more of a morning person naturally. My wife says I wake up singing but that is a total exaggeration, although I’ve been known to sing in the shower, usually about how great my Shih Tzu, Bubbles, is. Bubbles is my big happy boost in the morning. She sleeps at the foot of the bed and it’s like a daily miracle: every morning there she is, cuter than ever (I swear she gets cuter every day) and ready for snuggles. There is no better feeling than giving your Shih Tzu morning snuggles. Definitely starts the day off right. Ironically… Read more »
Jess Stephans

I always use my phone so every night before I go to sleep I put a new quote as my screensaver so when I go to shut off my alarm the quote is the first thing I read- it really does a lot to create a positive mindset for the day!