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What would you do if you knew you could not fail? There’s that F word again. I have had more views and responses to my last post  than all of my other posts combined. I’m assuming it’s because I showed vulnerability and posted my rap, which was decidedly out of my comfort zone; and THAT hit a central nerve with all of you.

So my question to you is:

What’s something that you’ve yearned to do that you simply can’t muster the courage to attempt?

Once you’ve thought about that, I’m extending the invitation to just do it! Start by taking the following simple steps:

Start by isolating one thing you’d love to pursue or do except you are utterly terrified and petrified (e.g., you turn to stone/freeze in your tracks when you think about it). Then…

1. Write a short paragraph, poem, rap, song or declaration about what you’ve decided to attempt.
2. Do as I did, set up your phone atop a stack of books, sit across from it and hit “record.”
3. Don’t scrutinize or edit, simply trust and post it (please share in the comments).

OH WHAT FUN WE WILL HAVE! Trust me, it’s quite exhilarating when you put your raw, vulnerable self “out there” for all the world to see. For the first few hours after I posted my rap I was regretting the decision until I considered that maybe .0000000001% of the world’s population will actually see my rap and less than that number even care about it. And most importantly, I really didn’t care what people thought.

I felt electrifyingly raw and exposed in a way I hadn’t felt in years; and the great part is that it didn’t matter what anyone thought or said. I was being true to my own personal, quirky and geeky self. As Barbra Streisand sang in Funny Girl:

“Don’t tell me not to fly, I simply got to
If someone takes a spill, it’s me and not you
Who told you you’re allowed to rain on my parade…”

Take the chance. I promise you’ll feel exhilarated and I will LOVE having empathetic friends join me in my leap of faith. It will be the start of our very own Miss V Geek Squad!

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Julianne McNamara
You Miss Val are the essence of this!!! Your genius , aura, talent and instincts have guided many young gymnasts into Amazing women!!! What a legacy to leave , as this is a very unique and untapped subject. You are so much more than an incredible gymnastics coach… You are a life changing mentor. I love that you are sharing your insight as it transcends gymnastics… It helps every young woman making the transition into womanhood. You nurture the emotional part of your students and friends which gives them the courage to develop into the women they are meant to… Read more »
Elizabeth Rosendorf
Miss Val I love this challenge! I couldn’t come up with something I really want to do that scares me, although there are lots of things that scare me that I don’t want to do (sky diving for instance! 🙂 ), and lots of things I would love to do but just don’t have the time for at the moment (write more, choreograph a dance). I thought about trying to rap, but I realized I don’t genuinely have a desire to rap. If you’re going to rap you’ve got to really want it. So instead I’ll just send you something… Read more »

Oh thank you so much! I know what you mean about the photos, it’s a fine line between too far away and not seeing details and so close that you can’t see the whole piece. Actually, now that everything is touch screen I shouldn’t worry about doing close ups. The prices aren’t on there bacause I’ve been too chicken to commit to selling online but I’m going to list them on etsy. Hey, message me a mailing address and I’ll send you something!

Casey Magnesium

Inspired by your rap to post a video of myself singing! Music is something I have always loved and is a way I can de-stress and escape. I don’t often share this with the world but you made me want to put it out there and show a different side of myself.


But if you go to my page, please give me feedback! Some of the pictures could be better but I’m actively looking for all the feedback I can get!


Really? Thank you! Ok, here’s my page…….

Kelli Leslie Brooks

Ahhhhhh…..I’m scared to even write it down! Ok, here goes……I love making jewelry. I’ve done quite a few home parties and a few local boutiques buy from me. If I knew I could not fail I would start selling online and I would reach out to other boutiques and ask if they would like to buy from me. Maybe do home parties in other places or buy a booth & sell at festivals & things like that.