Hitting a Wall

Hitting the Wall

I have been long accused of cramming way too much stuff into my days. Guilty as Charged.

However, I’ve realized after being accused of this for 30 years that it’s how I like it. Now don’t go getting all Dr. Phil on me… I don’t fill my days with nonsense just to feel “busy” or to avoid anything that I don’t want to acknowledge. I just love getting to the end of each day and feeling like I’ve been challenged, accomplished and learned something, and connected with others. Yes, EVERY DAY!

Consequently, every once in a while I hit a wall 💥 As I did last night flying back from Indiana. I got on the plane home with the full intention of crafting this week’s Musing and… nothing… I HIT A WALL!

Woke up this morning and had my “Oh sh*t” moment. No musing. No thought of what to write about. No idea. Nothing. I then remembered an article I read last night on the plane that mentioned the famous Chinese quote, “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step.” Brilliant!

First step: GET UP.

Second step: Make coffee.

Third step: Call Coop, my “platform guy,” and lament over my hit-a-wall-state and lack of Musing idea. As he always does, he saw the silver lining… “That’s it. You’ve got your Musing. Write about hitting the wall.”

So, while this musing isn’t the most thought-provoking or insightful–it is authentic. I’ve been told many times that I seem to have it “all together.” To that I say hogwash or (insert your favorite explicative). I guess the art of the illusion of having it all together is simply taking that first step. Then another. Then another. And quite often the step is a stumble, then insert famous Japanese (or your language of choice) quote, “Fall down 7 times get up 8.”

Miss Val proverb: “Step, step, step, stumble, get up, brush off, repeat.”

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Thank you! I’ve hit a wall today (accidentally fell asleep while doing work, and know I need to push through this evening to get some stuff done). One. Step. At. A. Time.


Your musings never seem forced, which is great. Making a lesson out of Hitting the Wall is very meaningful. As you have explained, always moving forward productively is crucial even after stumbles and falls.

We appreciate you for being real and thorough. Posting for the sake of posting, with no substance behind it, would not be good.


Ooooohhhhhh how I needed to hear this! I’m really hard on myself when I hit a wall. Does matter if it’s mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual. I also have a habit of comparing my worst to someone else’s best. Thank you for your honesty


Just like the wonderful Miss Val saying of success being defined by how determind one is to be successful! Miss Val, thank you for always sharing your wisdom with us! It takes great humility to write so authentically as you do and it is greatly appreciated (even if I’m only 16!).

Katrina Welborn

“Miss Val Proverb.” Love! 😄😄