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The M Word.

I work with millennials every day. Yes, they quite often drive me crazy. However, I think it’s time we give millennials a break. After all, aren’t they just a product of the prosperity that the generation before them enjoyed? They have the luxury of pursuing their futures (sports, education, arts, etc.) at the expense of not learning how to grind through the daily minutia of …

Hitting a Wall

Hitting the Wall

I have been long accused of cramming way too much stuff into my days. Guilty as Charged. However, I’ve realized after being accused of this for 30 years that it’s how I like it. Now don’t go getting all Dr. Phil on me… I don’t fill my days with nonsense just to feel “busy” or to avoid anything that I don’t want to acknowledge. I …


58-Day Challenge: Day 16

I‘ve successfully completed the first 25% of my 58-Day Challenge. As a reminder, on Saturday, June 24, I was driving to Pilates and thinking about how remarkable it was that one of our coaches and my dear friend Randy Lane recently ran 50 miles on his 50th birthday. “Dang! My 58th birthday is coming up in August,” I thought. “Wouldn’t it have been fun to …