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Miss Val's Greek Salad

Miss Val’s Greek Salad

I am NOT a cook, chef or foodie, but I do make an amazing Greek salad. Since I’m often asked for my recipe, I thought I’d share. The beauty of this salad is that it’s incredibly DELICIOUS, EASY TO PREPARE, and HEALTHY—and, you can use just some of the vegetables (and feta) or all of them. I make it with whatever of these vegetables I have …

Life Tastes Better With Colors On Your Plate.

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“Where can I buy your book?” A question I’ve been asked for years. I don’t have a book. However, I’m happy to announce I’m currently working on one. While I believe anything that is truth has been spoken since the dawn of man, I am ready to add my voice and perspective.   My goal with this website is to share simple musings that when applied make …

Life is Short! Don’t wait to Dance!

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“30 Ways To Happy” by Caitlin Roberson

I am a voracious reader. Miss Val’s Reads will be a regular feature on this site where I update you on latest books I’m consuming. 30 Ways To Happy: When trying to be perfect stops being fun by Caitlin Roberson I recently met author Caitlin Roberson at a UCLA event we both spoke at in San Francisco. Her presentation was about how she went about de-programming …