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Why Musings and Not Blog

A “Musing” is my way of saying “Blog.” I don’t feel hip enough “to Blog” so I’m offering weekly “musings” on the things that have impacted my life and career, especially over the past three decades as a Coach of UCLA Gymnastics. The main musing I hope our UCLA student-athletes ponder while in our program is this quote by William Shakespeare: “Life is about Choice; …

Life is about Choice; the Choices we make dictate the Life we lead.

William Shakespeare
Valorie Kondos Field

Born to Perform: Miss Val

The following is an excerpt of “Born to Perform” by Anne Palter in UCLA Magazine (reprinted with permission). Photo by Ian Spanier. For the complete article about choreographing our floor routines, click here. Dance is in Valorie Kondos Field’s blood. A former member of the Sacramento Ballet, Capital City Ballet and Washington Ballet, Kondos Field has infused her gymnasts’ floor and beam routines with bold inventiveness, astounding athleticism and breathtaking …

Miss Val's Greek Salad

Miss Val’s Greek Salad

I am NOT a cook, chef or foodie, but I do make an amazing Greek salad. Since I’m often asked for my recipe, I thought I’d share. The beauty of this salad is that it’s incredibly DELICIOUS, EASY TO PREPARE, and HEALTHY—and, you can use just some of the vegetables (and feta) or all of them. I make it with whatever of these vegetables I have …

Life Tastes Better With Colors On Your Plate.

Miss Val