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Gold Medalists Unplugged

Video: Gold Medalists Unplugged

I was watching the Olympics and wondering what were Jordyn Wieber and Kyla Ross thinking as they cheered on their former teammates and future Bruin? So I drove over to Jordyn’s house and streamed our conversation live. Enjoy! LIVE on #Periscope: Golden Couch Talk with Jordyn and Kyla https://t.co/LMccoI0l6l — Valorie Kondos Field (@OfficialMissVal) August 8, 2016


Is There a Benefit to Being Anxious?

I was driving when I got the call from my doctor, “Could you pull over so we could talk about your results?” I pull over. “Your tests have come back positive. You have breast cancer.” At that moment my world stopped… my mind immediately went to the horrific experience my mother went through 30 years earlier with colon cancer, which eventually resulted in a very …

UCLA Championship Banners

It’s More Than Bragging Rights

I’ve never flipped, never been able to do a pull-up, and have a fear of heights. How the heck did I become the Head Coach for the UCLA Gymnastics team; one of the most prestigious athletic programs in the country? The short version: I grew up studying classical ballet and piano. I was dancing professionally out of high school and heard UCLA needed a dance …

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GET TO vs HAVE TO: Perspectives from my Chemo Spa

I GET to go to chemotherapy. I GET to have poison shot into my vein that will hopefully kill the cancer in my breast. It all started when my oncologist said, “You’re going to go through a year of chemo and surgery, but you’ll be fine.” I went home, sat on my couch, and E-X-H-A-L-E-D… then it slowly hit me and I started chanting and …

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The Importance of “You’re Welcome”

“We can do not great things, only small things with great love.” ~ Mother Teresa “You’re welcome” is the dance partner to “Thank you.” Think about a time you said “you’re welcome” to someone’s “thank you.” It felt like you had a “moment,” a small connection with that person, didn’t it? A sincere “thank you” offers a pause in the discourse of an interaction with …