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Act As If

I’m not naturally inclined to embrace a super healthy lifestyle. I’d rather sit at home and read, knit or play my piano than go out and exercise. I’d rather eat pasta and warm sourdough bread every night than lean protein and vegetables. And I’d rather drink wine than water. However, many years ago I found a shift in mindset helped me make better health choices: Act As If.

Act As If is a powerful tool. I first incorporated this philosophy when I was dancing and struggling with finding the perfect “diet.” I decided to stop thinking of myself as an overweight dancer who needed to lose weight and start thinking of myself as a lean, fit, “heath nut.” It was remarkable how quickly my habits changed from sneaking chips and overeating to only eating when I was hungry and only consuming healthy food, at least for the majority of the time. Part of what helped me was observing the habits of people I felt were really “fit.” I found that they ate slowly, they weren’t obsessed with food when it was around, and they never finished a meal.

I have managed to develop a “healthy” lifestyle, which I feel I adhere to about 80% of the time, and it’s because I keep hitting the Act As If button. I’ve been doing this since I was 18. At some point I expect that if I keep Acting As If, then one day I won’t be acting anymore and I’ll just BE.

Here are a few of my Act As If buttons that I find myself constantly rebooting:

Act As If I’m super healthy—For me, this means eating clean and exercising at least few times a week.

Act As If I’m organized—I find I have to hit this reboot button a lot… multiple times a day. It helps that my husband is super organized and tidy so my mess is definitely an eye-sore in our home.

Act As If I’m a morning person—This means planning my life so I get up early and get going even on the weekends. I feel this is important to stay on a schedule and sleep pattern so I’m not lethargic during the week when I do have to get up early.

So ~ what is your top Act As If you hope will someday become your BE? Please share below.

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Casey Magnesium
I read this post a week ago, and have been constantly using this mantra in situations that I don’t feel confident or comfortable in. My biggest one is each evening after I cook dinner I say to myself “I’m a Chef” I am not a cook and I have spent the last 5 years existing on mostly take out. I want to be healthier, I want to have more control over what I eat, and save some money too. Now that I have started cooking, acting as if I am a chef has made me motivated to keep cooking, try… Read more »

Act As If is something that’s taught in Weight Watchers. Don’t put your life on hold until you lose weight or get to your ideal weight. Live your life as if you are already at your perfect weight. If you wait until your life is perfect, you will never make any change. By going after your goals now, your life and self-esteem will improve which can only help in the weight loss process.

Been pondering this post for several days, because I wasn’t sure how to respond. I think I agree with the principle, but the term “act as if” concerned me a little bit. I grew up with a parent who has spent his whole life acting as if he was successful, like he had money, like…and that wasn’t always the case. In the end he hurt a lot of people and really hurt himself. And he’s almost died twice now (both preventable situations). But also, it harmed me because when I got sick with M.E. I was around someone who believed… Read more »
I have so many ACTING AS IFs. Several of them have actually come from reading these musings over the past few months. My absolute favourite of these is changing my perspective from “I have to” to “I get to”. It is amazing to me how changing one little word in my internal dialogue can change my perspective and outlook on so many things in life. I think that changing this one little thing has made me both happier and more positive. More often then not this is a Being at this point instead of an ACTING AS IF but for… Read more »
Brittany Mullenary
I am ACTING AS IF I am an organized person. I am currently doing my student teaching and need to plan very far ahead for lessons and activities. This has been a challenge for two reasons: 1) I am much more of a fly by the seat of your pants type person and 2) I like to take things a day at a time rather than having to look ahead as teachers must do when planning lessons. So far, I have had to hit reset a few times but I have made positive strides. Now my appartment… That’s a whole… Read more »

I am ACTING AS IF I didn’t give into temptation and pick up soup in a bread bowl for dinner. I’m also ACTING AS IF I didn’t also pick up a big chocolate chip cookie for dessert 😬


I never thought of it this way but I guess in the last year I’ve convinced myself to act as if I am a runner. As a gymnast I always hated long distance but I recently completed my second half marathon. It helps that they were both at Disneyland which have me extra motivation. It’s still difficult to get out the door but I always feel better after I run.

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