58-Day Challenge: Day 16

I‘ve successfully completed the first 25% of my 58-Day Challenge. As a reminder, on Saturday, June 24, I was driving to Pilates and thinking about how remarkable it was that one of our coaches and my dear friend Randy Lane recently ran 50 miles on his 50th birthday. “Dang! My 58th birthday is coming up in August,” I thought. “Wouldn’t it have been fun to do a 58-day workout challenge leading up to my birthday?” Well, I did the math and I had exactly 58 days—and the 58-Day Challenge was born.

The reason I chose this challenge is because ever since I stopped dancing professionally, 35 years ago, I have NEVER remained consistent at working out. In fact, one of my favorite lines over the years has been when my doctor asks me if I work out regularly and I respond, “Yes, I regularly workout about four times a year.”

For me, the only time “working out” was a way of life was when it was my job. Since then, I haven’t been able to find the motivation to want to get into a consistent pattern of doing some sort of workout. It wasn’t until my oncologist told me all of the emotional and mental benefits that would accompany the physical benefits of getting into a consistent workout schedule while going through chemo, that I finally found a reason to take this workout stuff seriously.

As I wrote in another musing, the year I was going through chemo and surgeries is when I chose to arrange my Life around my Days versus trying to find time to fit my Life into my hectic-filled days. Enter Pilates.

Pilates is the one thing I’ve found that I actually look forward to doing. One reason is because I literally feel myself getting stronger from the inside out. Secondly, I have to admit… it’s not a cardio workout so I don’t sweat; and therefore I can go straight from Pilates to work and the make up and hair don’t need a major touch up… or shower.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the feedback I’ve gotten encouraging me with this challenge. Even when I posted my In-N-Out splurge on Day 13, I got so many responses loving the fact that I was able to splurge on something nowhere near the acceptance of a “Health column,” while still maintaining my motivation to remain on course with my challenge. Granted, I didn’t run a marathon after my cheeseburger and fries, but I didn’t let one decision to indulge derail my commitment to the challenge.

Thank you to Stephanie and Maria for posting your inspiring videos in response to my challenge. While I’ve never met Suzanne and briefly met Maria at an International Women’s conference, we are all a part of this wonderful internet community that allows us to share our joys, heartaches and struggles. And quite often offers a platform from which to encourage, inspire and support each other—even though we’ve never met.

Who will be our next brave friend that will share his/her challenge with all of us? Come on!!! It’s fun!!!

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Katrina Welborn

I think this is so wonderful and have enjoyed following your journey! I have rheumatoid arthritis at 25 (4 years) and just recently found a medication combo that is working and was cleared post wrist surgery 2.0… So my challenge this month is to go to the gym 10 times and to ride my bike to work 10 times. With my body feeling good lately, I want to challenge myself, but not overdo it either. I’m on course to meet this challenge! 🙂 Keep up your hard work!!

Kirk Wallace
Miss Val! I love this! You are such an inspiration, and as i grow older i hope to have your same spunk. I feel like generally people like to use age as an excuse to let their bodies fall into disrepair or stop doing some activity they love. Of the people in my life the ones who are happiest near your age are the ones who are working out regularly or have a movement goal. For instance my old physics supervisor would run half marathons with me. Or my dad who at 60 can still do a standing tuck on… Read more »
A Renee
Miss Val, it’s so wonderful to see your inspirational tweets every day! I’ll share a few of the quotes I have written down (several in my book were gathered during a two-day conference I attended recently) over the past several days of this challenge: We can act instead of being acted upon. -Stephen Covey We must become the change we seek in the world. -Gandhi Today I shall behave as if this is the day I will be remembered. -Dr. Seuss Integrity is your reputation. -Debby Ellis Success is whatever it means to you. -Erika Perez Our ambitions must be… Read more »
Go Miss Val!! I know you’re killing it. I saw that In ‘n Out Burger post but you have to enjoy life sometimes. I hope your burger and fries were amazing. I’ve been keeping up with the 58 day challenge but I like working out anyway. I found a series of 15 minute workout videos by Betty Rocker that I use when I can’t devote one-two hours to yoga/dance, and those 15 minutes are intense. I’m so glad I left my job because those crazy 12-15 hour plus days, which happened way too often, left me too tired even for… Read more »
I have been wanting to ask you something with regards to Pilates. I read somewhere that you have scoliosis. Do you have to put something under your back when you do Pilates? I have scoliosis and tried Pilates several years ago at a YMCA on a wooden gym floor and found it to be thoroughly uncomfortable on my back because even if I roll my hips under, I can’t lay completely flat on my back. The instructor gave me a towel to put under by back but didn’t give me any explanation as to where or how to place it.… Read more »

I’m still in! My daily activities vary depending on my energy level (I only stretched the day of & after my shot because I was really sore & tired) and I haven’t been updating everyday like you do.
But when you ask about sharing our challenge do you mean our 58 day challenge or coming up with one of our own? If I had to pick one I would pick 30 days of random acts of kindness. At least one a day. Actually, I think I’ll do it. Wanna join in?