2019: A Year of New Adventures

A New Year is upon us, and with it comes the choice for renewed optimism and hope for a year of enhanced fulfillment, happiness and JOY.  The first step can often be the hardest: How do you start? Personally, I like to determine and define what fulfillment and happiness mean to me. Halfway through this coming year I will be embarking on a grand new adventure. When the season is over, I will retire after 36 years and no longer be affiliated with UCLA Gymnastics in a professional position. Although I’ve chosen this for myself, I have no idea which direction it will take me.

As I wonder what my life will be like this time next year, I have more questions than answers.

Will I have a reason to leave my house during the day? Pilates, coffee shops and lunch with friends may be fun for a bit, but I fear not having a substantial reason to be out and about.

Will my husband and I even be living in our home in Los Angeles or will we embrace a whole new and different adventure outside California?

What will my next big professional challenge be? 

Whenever I get a bit petrified of the unknown, I always turn toward the Light, the Light that is inside of me and the light outside that I can physically see. 

Rather than instructing myself to “find the Light,” I realized I’ve just naturally done this for years. I find a quiet place where I can think without distraction and tap into my inner Light. That energy is my North Star, my internal barometer of my contentment, fulfillment and happiness. So many people impose their definition of those words on us, and when we follow their definitions, we are often left empty and unfulfilled.

When I get internally flustered, I also seek out physical light. I don’t drop to my knees in prayer, I literally go find light. Even if it’s looking out a window on a cloudy grey day, I seek where the sun is behind the grey. That light is what God created, and I’m always drawn to distinguishing the juxtaposition of what was Created and what man has assembled. Even as I look outside at a building or the freeway, I am amazed by the beautiful canvas of nature that gives background to these structures.

It’s at that point that I renew my Trust in my path. It’s at that point that I pray I’ll have clear guidance as to what my path should be. I inevitably leave that time praying, “Thy will be done.” At that moment I remember my path is unique, as is yours… as is everyone’s. For some it’s being surrounded by loads of family. For others it’s a consistent predictable schedule. For me it’s being continuously curious and learning something daily. It’s having inspiring challenges that may be frustrating and scary, but stretch my imagination and ultimate potential. It’s doing something that forces me to engage the left side of my brain, which always seems to be a struggle with the creative energy of my right brain. It’s having a positive impact on another, even with discourse that makes us both stop and think differently.

Here’s the great thing… defining my Joy in this way is 100% attainable! It’s all up to me, whether it comes to fruition or not. I don’t need anyone else’s help. I don’t need any luck to auspiciously come my way. I don’t need to be able to afford anything. All I need to do is follow my internal inspiration with patience, enthusiasm and courage, and not be derailed by what others may say or how they may be living their lives. 

I know 2019 will be challenging, rewarding, a bit scary and fun. I plan on crafting my days with goals and plans that will assure a grand adventure! How will you determine and define your New Year?

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Louise Harvilla
Louise Harvilla

I cannot wait to read your book. I retired from 30 yrs of teaching Art and coaching HS gymnastics and though my mind, heart and soul weren’t really ready, my body was feeling broken. I ask God daily for guidance as … the purpose of life is a life of purpose. I guess I have to be patient. I love making a difference and i think reading your book will be just the impetus I need. Loved your interview with Robin Roberts! Your devotion and connection to your gymnasts is so inspiring!

Margaret Sims
Margaret Sims

Came to your blog after hearing about your work. My brother has been researching what GREAT coaches can do for his senior thesis. I think you are maybe one of the best examples of the spirit of coaching. I am proud to be on the same planet as you and see how you have helped women (and men too i am sure) blossom. That Light you love is shining bright!. This WILL be a magnificient year for you and all who love.

Dorrit Vered
Dorrit Vered

❤️beautiful. Inspiring.

Alessandra W
Alessandra W

Such an inspiration Miss Val! Change and transition can always be daunting but with that approach, all things will certainly work together for good! Wishing you all the best for the coming year